Poly Welding

Fluren offers Butt fusion welding as one of our many services. We have the ability to weld pipe and fittings from 65mm up to 800mm.

Construction of various poly pipelines including:

  • Negative Pressure Gas lines
  • High Pressure gas lines
  • High Pressure water lines
  • Irrigation lines

Some of our installation methods include:

  • String welding
  • Trench welding
  • Water trap construction
  • Bolted joints
  • Valve installation
  • Commissioning / Pressure testing of pipelines

All of our welders are highly skilled with our equipment MDG15 compliant.

What is Butt Fusion Welding?
Butt fusion is a relatively simple procedure that requires a portable heat fusing machine to clamp the two end sections of PE pipe together. The machine heats the pipes to a temperature where the polyethylene melts and the molecules from both pipe ends mix together. The machine then uses fusion force to keep the two ends together until the joint has totally fused and cooled, creating a seamless expanse of pipe. This is a super-strong, liquid-tight connection that becomes an integral part of the pipe. In fact, the fused joints actually become stronger than the pipe itself.

For larger diameter pipes an excavator is used to load pipe into welding machine and where required place piping into trench.