Environmental Services

Fluren has a range of plant and equipment suitable to meet your earthmoving needs.


  • Re-contouring and shaping of overburden batters
  • Installation of sediment and run off drains
  • Installation of rock drop structures
  • Spreading of top soil
  • Spreading of bio solids / gypsum / fertilizer and seed
  • Ground preparation
  • Final trimming
  • Rock raking
  • Soil turning
  • Ripping

Mine subsidence
Fluren offers a full mine subsidence service from inspections to the repair and remediation. Our operators are highly experienced in dealing with a range of mine subsidence impacts:

  • Tracking and mapping of mine subsidence impacts
  • Small to Large surface cracking
  • Gas producing cracks
  • Steep Slop Impacts
  • Working in and around EEC (Endangered Ecology Community)
  • and Aboriginal artefact sites
  • Application of *underground expansion foam in gas producing cracks

The environment is always a consideration when it comes to repairing mine subsidence. We have previously carried out repairs in areas where there is endangered habitat which requires work to be completed by hand with the correct permits ensuring no flora is damaged.

Our operators are trained and competent in assessing types of mine subsidence cracking and can apply appropriate repair strategies to reduce environmental impact.

Coal fire extinguishment
Fluren has extensive experience with extinguishing coal fires on a large scale. We have completed this task on a number of occasions at the old Wallarah mine site.

These coal fires have occurred when nearby bushfires set the coal alight. To extinguish the fires bulk excavations were required to allow water to cool material. This process was continued until all hot material was excavated and the threat of re-ignition was removed.

Careful consideration and planning for the workers, community and the environment is needed for this type of work due to the hazardous conditions.

Sediment Control and Revegetation
Managing runoff from rehabilitation is critical in achieving long term stability and success of rehabilitated areas. Inappropriate drainage can lead to instability and failure of landforms as well as failure of revegetation efforts.

  • Installation of various sediment controls
  • Silt mesh fencing
  • Straw bale / Eco logs
  • Jute mesh drainage
  • Gabion drop structures
  • Tree Planting - tube-stock and established trees
  • Tree seeding
  • Grass seeding
  • Hay / Straw spreading for seed cover crop

Dam Cleaning
Desilting small to large scale dam and drainage systems. Equipment used includes:

  • Longreach excavator
  • 20T excavator
  • Bogie tippers
  • Watercart